You may get paid to work at the new IKEA store that is opening on Roblox!

IKEA’s virtual workplace will be accessible to gamers through the June 24 launch of “The Co-Worker Game.” A restricted number of paid roles will be made available so that fans can fulfill their home decorating fantasies and get compensated for it. June 16th, Sunday, is the deadline for applications to be considered for paid positions in “The Co-worker Game.”

A preview of “The Co-Worker Game,” a virtual world that will launch on Roblox on June 24th, has been released by IKEA. Players can experience IKEA’s distinctive approach to careers—where lateral movements across departments are typical and non-linear career trajectories are the norm—through the immersive experience.

The virtual store will allow users to experience what it’s like to work at IKEA, and it will also be the company’s first entry into the mainstream gaming market. With a finite quantity of virtual, paid coworker positions accessible in the game.

Applications for positions in the virtual store are being accepted now through Sunday, June 16, 2024. Ten paid positions for new employees are available. Like in the real world, successful applicants will be able to demonstrate their abilities, assist clients, advance to new divisions, and so on.

IKEA fans and gamers, in addition to their paid coworkers, will be able to work, explore, and take in the virtual world of IKEA on Roblox.They can visit the well-known Swedish Food Market and Bistro at IKEA and serve up an infinite supply of meatballs, or they can visit the different showrooms and use well-known IKEA products to arrange the space—welcome to HEMNES paradise. All with the opportunity to win unique UGCs from IKEA.

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