Moriento – Aye Dun

Moriento is a musical Phenom with a diverse dynamic range in terms adaptability to most genre of music. He is a charismatic rapper/hip-hop artist poised to entertain and possibly cause a new revolution. As an artist, Moriento’s confidence lies in his passion for music, his unique voice texture and skills developed over time.
Moriento’s music contains philosophy, soul piercing and hard lyrics, melodic beats, and hooks that will stay stuck in your head for good. The ChiBana Entertainment signee releases his debut single entitled “Aye Dun” which was produced by highly rated sound engineer, GospelOnDeBeatz.
Moriento’s intense energy, rhythmic flow and undeniable flair capture his listeners instantly. His deep and bold voice and superb rhymes are as sleek as they are explosive. He is a true original. A mixture of boldness and witty lyricism mark him as an artist who’s not afraid to be different. A multi-talented rapper with a thrilling stage presence. With his unconventional style of commercial Hip-Hop and party-starting credentials, Moriento gives music another divergence.
In his own words, describing his strengths and core competencies said “I work like a hungry man even when all seem very okay, I still believe I can advance that which seem okay. I am a true disciple of Karl Marx, who in his socio-political and philosophical assertion declared: Materialistic dialecticism, that is: moving from Thesis to anti-thesis, from anti-thesis to synthesis, and from synthesis to another thesis and so on and on and on. I hate failure with passion, so I do what I ought to do to be a success.”
Moriento is a graduate of philosophy from the prestigious AAUA Akungba-Akoko, Ondo State Nigeria, he incorporates an element of realism and rawness that is authentic and seldom seen on today’s Nigerian musical landscape.
Listen to Moriento’s debut single and ENJOY!

Moriento - Aye Dun Artwork


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