Fric P Quits Music Over Gay Threats

Things upcoming artiste pass through before seeing the light of day can never be over-emphasized. From the huddles of getting studio sessions, getting shows, getting airplays, getting record deals etc, and one can easily ditch his talent if not so determined.

Ace music producer and Singer, Fric P is currently trapped in this milieu if the story at our disposal is concrete enough, and he has also confirmed via a Facebook post that he is dropping his music career and everything related to it.

According to the story, a certain big name in the industry had wanted to offer Fric P a mouth-watering record contract after listening to his latest and maybe, final studio release titled ​”Money” featuring M-Josh.

Reports says the contract had already been initiated before the canker-worm was let out. The purported 3-year contract turned sour when this industry heavyweight who is also an artiste disclosed an additional “condition” of the contract to Fric P, which to him is a taboo.

It is alleged that the “boss” had wooed Fric P to become his GAY partner as a mold to validate the said contract. With fuming rage and dismay, Fric P declined the offer without knowing he has invited the devil for a bumpy thriller. His life and career has been under serious threat from this fellow whom he said has sworn to make him miserable if he doesn’t drop all his music career and seal his mouth forever.

When contacted to confirm the story and identity of the artiste involved, the ​SUFFER SUFFER crooner said; “Yes, the story is true and I am probably quitting music for my life. I learnt those guys operates a cabal and are well connected. I no fit fight them, na wetin I put myself into be that and I take full responsibility. The truth is nobody knows what some artiste pass through to get some record deals, and it is bad when we rush things in desperate moves than taking time to sign any contract. I didn’t know those things was contained in the contract because I didn’t take time to read it before I signed.
They refused to let me have a copy and they’ve constantly threatened its either I yield or give up music. I love music but you will not understand what I have been seeing in
advent of this case. A dead man does not make music, I’d rather quit than die or engage in any gay act because I want a record deal. As it is now, Money will be my last studio song. It was this particular song that brought about the whole saga”.​

Further effort to get the identity of the alleged gay celebrity didn’t work as Fric P said; ​“Bros forget, you will not understand because you are not in my shoes. People might call it cowardice but this is deeper than you think. The first threat is that I must never mention his name and it remains like that for now”.​

We are still trying to dig into the whole thing and will keep you informed as the story unfolds. Meanwhile here is the link to Money, the song that let the hell loose…

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