Moyege – I Testify (Prod. by Mr Wols)

Years back, God made some sacred promises to me, one of which is making my music ministry an Ease, I was much younger then, I didn’t understand what that meant, so I grew up like a very normal child, I made my mistakes but that didn’t change God’s mind concerning His promises to me.

A lot of friends had asked me, “wouldn’t you do something about music”, but I remembered God’s promise years ago, that I was not going to sweat to make music happen, I was not going to rush anything.

When Greenhunt came, my friends kept pushing me to get the form, I finally did and somehow I Won! Now this is me recording with one of the highest profiled producers we have without spending a dime, not even for mixing and mastering and I have other songs coming, so tell me, why will I not testify when He made a covenant years ago and brought it to fulfillment with ease despite my short comings.

I am Moyege and this is my testimony.

Moyege - I Testify

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