VIDEO: Vic O talks to The Breakfast Club on DZRPT TV

DZRPT TV presents its first episode of the Breakfast Club featuring famous rapper Vic-O who has in recent times become a music sensation. With hits such as ‘After Party’, ‘After Party remix’, ‘Google plus’ and the recent bars on his ‘Drake-Meyk’ Mill (thats how he pronounced it) diss, he has become a viral internet sensation. With hosts, Ireti, KidKonnect, ”Ghost” of the rap duo ShowDemCamp, Alex Bawa and the mysterious man on the couch asking questions his fans want to know. This episode will leave you laughing your socks off as Vic-O reveals his climb to fame, his sexcapades with over 1000 women, failed collaborations with Jay’Z and how he intends to become Nigeria’s number one rapper.

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