Emma Ogosi – Why

Veteran musician Emma Ogosi returns with a new love song titled “Why”. The song is off his new album and it is making massive impact across the nation. Check this one out as we await the new album. Enjoy and song alone with the lyrics below.



I had many love affairs
I had many girls
It’s no use, I told myself
Am now gonna settle down
I have gone from town to town
Searching for true love
But this time I made a stop
I fell in love with you
Why do you treat me so bad (baby girl)
Why can’t you see am so mad (about you)
Yes I will love you
Till the day I die
You may hurt me
But don’t leave me all alone
Kiss me once
Kiss me twice
Kiss me once again
It’s no use I’m in love
Am in love again
I know you have some doubt
You don’t trust my love
But believe I’ll be true
I will never run away
Why do you treat me……..

2 thoughts on “Emma Ogosi – Why

  1. Justus. Thanx a lot. D next one is due in about a month! BUT u'll have to pay to listen/download.
    Hope u'll patronise me.
    Promises to be a sizzling one.

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